Sustainability and environmental protection are part of U-TEAM’s corporate values.

We fulfill our responsibilities to the human beings, environment and resources in many ways.  We use our influence to make the world better. For us, ecological, economic and social values, which are inextricably linked, reflect enterprises' respect for one another.  As a sustainable company, U-TEAM offers to assume its environmental social responsibility, and tries every means to achieve the environmental, social and economic sustainable development goals (SDGs).  These principles provide a code of conduct for us, promoting the company to develop and keep the staff, as well as their children, healthy.

By close cooperation with its European partners, U-TEAM strictly follows the international standards all the time.  Now we run the company under high ecological, social and economic standards, so our customers can use high-quality products of U-TEAM with their minds set at rest.  From the origin of raw materials to transportation and to processing, environmental protection principles are consistently reflected in all processes of production in U-TEAM's factory.

U-TEAM is committed to following  the principles of environmental protection, energy efficiency and safety in all aspects of production and manufacturing.  Sustainability not only means abiding by the industrial laws, but also is an innovation solution beneficial to the environment, as well as the staff and their descendants.  When developing new products and production processes, we always make prudent use of available resources in the best way.  We have a high product quality and sustainability design strategy to ensure that our furniture and office solutions can be used for a long time.

At U-TEAM, We put environmental protection and sustainability into practice in a variety of ways.  At all stages of the production cycle, we implement a system to manage and recycle natural resources and waste, and a method to protect the working environment and keep the workers healthy.  We modify the technological conditions properly based on the original production technology to realize optimal control of the process;  Introduce advanced foreign equipment to optimize the production process and maximize the utilization of raw materials;  Use a dust filtration system to clear away weld fume and grinding powder;  Use Nano-ceramization technology to treat wastewater under the Class-II discharge standard.  At U-TEAM, we have made industrial pollution prevention part of the sustainable development strategy.

For U-TEAM, it is very important to develop circular economy.  Circular economy describes regeneration system, which aims to lower the use of resources and energy, as well as the generation and discharge of waste, to a minimum level.  Buzzwords such as resource shortage, climate change and carbon emissions clearly illustrate the current significance of effective environmental management, in which circular economy plays an important role.  By an effective recovering means, circular economy supports the positive protection of precious resources.  In addition, it helps to lower carbon emissions, reduce air, water and soil pollution, and save a lot of energy.  Therefore, circular economy has made a great contribution to ensuring that we succeed in fulfilling our far-reaching responsibilities to people and the environment.

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