U-TEAM’s products are produced in Mainland China in strict accordance with the European production standards.  With European quality and local pricing, the products have been well accepted by lots of domestic customers and sold to Europe and other parts of the world.

U-TEAM has broken the boundary between modernization and daily life for product design.  The idea of modernization is all about a perspective observation of functionality and aesthetics; the idea of daily life is all about the practicality of our lifestyle.  U-TEAM has blended the two ideas together to improve our way of life and work based on modern functionality and aesthetics from the perspective of living.

What it gives is a luxurious enjoyment and living experience from high-quality products.  Its products are authentic classics, and everything classic has a bounden duty.  Its value increases with time going on and quality is refined by functionality.  Its products light up interior decorations with the least quantity points. Furniture is an embodiment of life innovation.  It helps people realize their desire and pursuit of a better life.

Design expression
Decorative effect
Healthy work
The core concept of contemporary office environment design.
From the workplace to the ‘living’ space ——A redefinition of the office environment.

An office building is a community, which meets various types of behavioral and psychological needs, taps staff's potential and enhances corporate brand values.  A modern, minimalist office environment is a comprehensive reflection of this idea of contemporary office environment design.

What is an excellent working environment?  It should be the same as a living community that can meet diverse needs.  Because we want our working environment to be, like our living environment, equipped with well-equipped supporting facilities and please us when we are in it.  Our living environment, medical facilities, education system, space for amusement, social place and shopping mall influence us all the time.  A high-quality lifestyle has almost unlimited potential.  Similarly, the office is also a place with complex social functions.  The administrative management area, conference and training area, open office area, public leisure area, storage area and space support, etc.  In our working environment require professional design and planning to achieve communal harmony.  We can work with you to create an inspiring working environment to improve efficiency and humane care.

The office is a miniature living community.  We need to carefully plan the limited space and make an associated design to endow all areas with distinctive functions so that they can function effectively and stably.  The community where we live is a place full of hope and unlimited potential.  We also need to make constant adjustments to meet ever-changing basic requirements and personal preferences.  So, our design aim is to connect everything we expect to extract from community planning with our work environment.

The office consists of various work areas, which are intricate, 

but harmonious with one another.  We seek a perfect balance of design and an exquisite expression of details to create 

multifarious spaces with connotations, interactive effects and layers.

U-TEAM never stops highlighting "duration design". A product requires "adaptive" ability, which enables it to "evolve" with the changing environment. That's an embodiment of the vitality of a high-quality product. Also, U-TEAM pays more attention to the conciseness of an administration system product, which should be used for efficient management and have a nice look.
U-TEAM has added a modular design structure to the conference and training system to improve its flexibility and diversity to meet the layout requirements of different conferences and training spaces. The flexible table leg hiding technology, including an integration and routing system, makes the space tidy so that efficient communication and sharing can be performed in the most concise space.
The storage space must be designed in a humanized and personalized manner by reference to the overall style of interior design and practical applicability so as to create an excellent space atmosphere for users. U-TEAM reasonably analyzes the scientific application of the storage space in each functional area and the design for three indoor interfaces for customers. On the premise of meeting the basic requirements for indoor functions, we provide customers with a free and comfortable working environment.
A pleasant working environment is not only desired by office workers and business managers, but also what U-TEAM aims to create. Therefore, the use of comfort, multi-elements and leisure helps to make the tough space amiable and warm so that everybody feels as if he/she were working "at home". Full of job-related well-being, they will create more values.
U-TEAM never stops thinking about the influence of office model changes on people, space and furniture. From seats to office lots, and even partitions, carpets and lighting fixtures, U-TEAM focuses on space integration in design and develops well-matched office furniture series in order to enhance the connotation of customers’ brand culture and provide them with personalized custom services.
Citterio brand under U-TEAM company originated from Italy. From specifications to environmental requirements, the product meets the strictest European standards. Moreover, U-TEAM was one of the first manufacturer to produce compartments. U-TEAM cooperates with professional German carpet manufacturer OBJECT CARPET in providing the world with luxurious carpets. Illumination is extremely important for human visual performance, and a lighting system is the soul of interior design. Sattler adds more possibilities to lighting design.

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