We are always on the way to optimized integration of office environments.

Enterprise growth is a process full of quantitative changes that take place without stop until a qualitative change finally occurs.  In this process, an enterprise keeps adapting to the market environment, improving itself and becoming mature.  In 2010, U-TEAM established cooperation with one European brand after another in integrating office resources.  In its early days, U-TEAM was determined to build itself into a brand with a solid product foundation.  It even stays true to its original aspiration today.  Our mission is to develop, produce and sell dynamic office furniture with an international image and attractiveness.  With the support of our German partners, we keep making innovative designs to meet the increasing Chinese market demand.  Relying on our years of cooperation with European brands, especially as a German authorized producer, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in production technology and design philosophy.  Besides, we maintain a good cooperative relationship with major German raw material and hardware manufacturers to ensure that U-TEAM makes continuous use of the best materials and accessories.

Through long-term international cooperation, U-TEAM has established strategic partnership with lots of premium European brands and obtained production licenses for many products.  At the same time, the Company is actively developing cooperative brands on a global scale.  We never stop making progress, in the hope of introducing better European office furniture brands into China.  Also, with years of production experience, we are capable of producing highly cost-effective quality products in China and selling the products in the domestic market so that our customers will have access to German quality at the Chinese price.  We, too, provide Chinese companies with high-quality products and first-rate services.  Our design inspiration comes from Europe, or products are manufactured at home.  We offer a variety of high-quality products fully in line with the Chinese market positioning.

German design
German machinery
European materials
European hardware
Advanced production
Technical quality
German quality with
price made in China

Customized CI Furniture

For more than ten years, U-TEAM has been engaged in the Research & Development, production and sales of overall project designs for both domestic and international markets, especially concentrating its attention on well-known brands in the automotive industry. We provide products produced under the German quality standards for world-renowned car brands at a reasonable local price. At the same time, we keep making innovative designs to meet the increasing Chinese market demand.

Home Furnishing Market

To maintain U-TEAM’s high status in the market, we have set up a cupboard store and carpet store in Easyhome, Beijing. We are a sales agent of high-end German cupboard, carpets and lighting with the aim of enhancing the taste and quality of overall environmental integration. We can see the future application of civilian cabinets in the office environment, which is of great benefit to the combination of office furniture and civilian cabinets.

Cooperation Benefits

By cooperating with international brands, producing Customized CI Furniture and expanding the civil market, we made an overall improvement in product design, production, management, logistics and supply chain in order to adapt to the huge, high-end global market. In the meantime, we have improved our perception of quality, understanding of design, control of materials, and emphasis on equipment. We will try our best to serve the market and customers with our benefits accumulated during our cooperation with Europe.

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