When the office industry just rose in the late 20th century, the founders of U-TEAM, Song Lizhi and Li Chennan, as the earliest practitioners of office furniture in China, they have extensive sales and management experience.  In those days, many designers knew very well the U.S. office culture only, but they ignored the European office culture, especially the German office culture. Like-minded, Song Lizhi and Li Chennan realized that to innovate, they couldn’t avoid studying the relevant cultural traits.

In October 2002, the two major shareholders of U-TEAM made their first visit to Germany and attended the ORGATEC, an international furniture exhibition held in Kӧln, where they saw some European brands and were impressed by the idea of European modernist design.  Their experience was of great significance for U-TEAM positioning.  Especially, German modernist design masters’ ideas, such as simple design and modest luxury, aroused their thinking.  After returning to China, the two founders, who had intended to found a local corporate alliance, decided to establish a joint venture base in Shanghai, the economic center of China.  They put forward a development strategy featuring ‘office environment · optimized integration’, aimed at providing users with a total solution for tailor-made office space experience with the advanced European design philosophy and production equipment.

Over a period of eighteen years from 2002 to 2020, U-TEAM has introduced well-chosen European brands, distinctive ones in line with the Chinese market demand for products and materials, design ideas, brand-name products and materials, advanced equipment and machining technologies into China and served as a bridge between them and Chinese first-class machining factories, designer teams and decoration companies for sharing of customer resources and product resources so as to jointly provide all-round services to meet today’s emerging market needs.  We have the German concept, equipment, raw materials, hardware fittings, production technology and strict technical quality standards, whereby a solid product foundation is laid for the brand of U-TEAM to produce products under the European quality criteria at the local price.

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